Monday, April 15, 2019

Felton Library Construction Update -- April 15, 2019

The contractor continues to make significant progress on the building's construction.  Building framing, including both wood and steel, is nearing completion and the space has really taken shape.  Sheer walls and roofing are nearly in place and the building has been dried-in.  Rough-in for the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC infrastructure is currently taking place within the building’s walls.  The advanced septic system tanks, and its piping, have also been installed.  Site work will begin soon which includes a permeable concrete parking lot, pathways, patio, and sidewalk improvements.  A pedestrian bridge is also planned that will cross Bull Creek into the new, adjacent Discovery Park which is a second phase of the project.  The Discovery Park is being led by County Parks and is scheduled to go out to bid this summer. 

New Felton Library -- View towards the South

Time Lapse Video -- September 2018 - April 15, 2019
View of the Interior Space during Construction

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Felton Library Construction Update -- March 7, 2019

As we all know very well, storms continue to pelt the region, one storm after another.  While this has definitely slowed some of the construction, the contractor, Thompson Builders, has made some great progress on the building itself, moving along with framing and sheathing efforts.  The overall form of the building can now be seen with much of the roof rafters and wall framing in place.  Once framing has been completed, roof sheathing will shortly follow and allow the interior space to be “dried-in”. 
                                              Interior view from the new Children's Area

                                New steel columns, framing, and Trussed Steel Beams
Time Lapse Video

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Felton Library Construction Update -- 1/24/19

The region was hit with a series of storms over the last month which slowed construction on the new building.  Fortunately, Thompson Builders has been able to take advantage of breaks in the storms to make some significant progress.  Recently the concrete foundations and slab were poured and the building's perimeter has taken shape!  Currently they are installing the steel columns and framing will follow shortly.  Much of the electrical conduit and water piping has been installed for the building as well.  In addition, the infrastructure for the advanced septic system is in the ground and other site utilities are being installed as appropriate. 

                Concrete Slab Rebar and Formwork
                   Concrete Slab Pour
             Steel Column Installation

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Construction on the new Felton Library is well underway!

Felton Library -- November 20, 2018

Construction on the new Felton Library has begun and is moving forward!  Thompson Builders of Novato, California has been awarded the contract and is proving to be a very valuable partner on this important project for the Felton Community.   So far, the construction team has rebuilt the subgrade for the building foundation and is now preparing to pour the footings and the building slab.  Site utilities are also beginning to be trenched and excavation for the parking lot footprint is being finalized.  Please see the attached photos from the first few weeks of construction.  This perspective is toward the south and will capture the parking lot in the foreground and the installation of the building itself in the background. 
Excavation and Re-compaction of the building's subgrade
Layout of the building's footings on recently compacted soil

Excavation of the building's footings

Concrete formwork for the foundation
Time lapse video from 10/26/18 - 11/20/18

Thank you in advance for your patience and partnership during construction.  Disruption in the area should be minimal, and mostly contained within the fenced building site, but over the course of construction there will be occasional needs to encroach into the road.  During necessary road phases of work, proper signage and controls will be in place to ensure public safety in the area. 

If roadwork is taking place adjacent to the project site, please use caution when moving through the area, obey all signage, and please share the road.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Construction Manager Gabriela Currid at 831-426-8191 or